[Journée d’étude] Représentation et formalisation des connaissances, des observations aux données

Date: 13 April 2023

Lieu: MSH

Résumé : 

Journée organisée par Emilio Maria Sanfilippo, Researcher at Laboratory for Applied Ontology (LOA), Institute of Cognitive Science and Technologies (ISTC), National Research Council of Italy (CNR), chercheur invité de l’Université de Tours à la MSH Val de Loire.

From the research landscape at the intersection between computer science and the humanities, there emerges an increasing interest for the formal representation of scholarly statements. In a sense, the “resources” we manipulate in the models are not only domain entities of different sorts but also what scholars claim of such entities. These claims can have a pure qualitative nature or could be expressed in quantitative terms, e.g., because they result from statistics methods or empirical measurements, among other procedures. In this context, however, there remains plenty of space for research at both the methodological, formal, and application levels. For instance, how do we produce observational data in a way that is coherent with respect to scholarly knowledge? Also, since it is common for scholars – within the same community – to adopt multiple and not necessarily compatible approaches for their work, how can formal models make sense of this theoretical plurality to handle observations? The purpose of the workshop is to collect knowledge, experiences, as well as theoretical and application insights on the topic of scholarly statements modeling.

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